For Such a Time as This

While God invites us into what He is doing in this world, He is not dependent upon us to make it happen. If we want to be a part of what He is working in His kingdom, we must maintain the proper perspective.

Esther 4:8-14

  • While God may appreciate our efforts, he has never once relied upon them.
  • “Come to the Kingdom for such a time as this…”
  • Esther 4:8-14
  • “And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”
  • If I fail to do my part, God’s purposes will still go forward.
  • God doesn’t need us, but he wants us.
  • God’s invitation is never based upon desperation.
  • The message of the gospel will impact this culture, but we are not guaranteed to be the messengers.