Selecting Your Next Spiritual Discipline

No disciples grows by accident. Through spiritual disciplines, we grow more into who Christ calls us to be.

The Reason for Spiritual Disciplines

  • Most people don’t grow in their faith simply because they don’t want it bad enough.
  • Spiritual disciplines are premeditated activities that encourage spiritual growth.
  • The diligent reps in spiritual workouts reveal their effectiveness when life’s competitions begin.
  • Neglecting time for spiritual trainings reveals that we don’t prioritize it.
  • Spiritual experiences can serve as a booster to your faith, but spiritual disciplines provide the lifeblood for your longevity.

The Need for Spiritual Disciplines

1 Timothy 4:6-16

  • Spiritual disciplines are not meant to make you more liked by Jesus but to make you more like Jesus (4:6-7).
  • Our souls need more work than our bodies (4:8-10).
  • Never use your age or experience to serve as an excuse (4:11-12).
  • Practice makes progress (4:13-15).
  • Your spiritual habits will not only impact you but also influence those around you (4:16).

The Path for Spiritual Disciplines

  • If you aren’t satisfied with your current commitment to spiritual disciplines, do something about it.
  • Don’t lose interest in spiritual habits because they don’t always provide immediate results.
  • Don’t allow guilt of previous neglect keep you from making current progress.
  • Train your soul habits now, and reap the benefits later.

The List of Spiritual Disciplines

  • Bible Meditation – Studying the truths of Scripture
  • Bible Memorization – Committing God’s Word to memory
  • Prayer – Talking to the most important Being about the most important things
  • Worship – Expressing adoration to God for who He is and what He has done
  • Fasting – Premeditated abstaining from essential nourishment for spiritual purposes
  • Stewardship – Giving of your financial resources for the benefit of others
  • Evangelism – Sharing the gospel of Jesus to others
  • Service – Using your spiritual gifts to minister to others
  • Silence and Solitude – Seeking the quiet to calm your soul and focus your thoughts
  • Journaling – Archiving the work of God in your life
  • Learning – Seeking to understand truth so you can share it with others