Evaluating Your Family’s Technology Usage

In every arena of culture, we have grown more accustomed to connecting with people over screens. Preachers preach, teachers teach, trainers train, comedians entertain, doctors prescribe, and musicians inspire all from the convenience of a video screen. From the comfortable safety of our devices and the detached nature of their mediums, we have grown accustomed to receiving information without experiencing connection.

As an adult, you have experienced this pull and noticed this shift.

This reality is all your child has ever known.

This generation has always held that physical distance may limit a connection but not completely prohibit it.

You probably struggle as a parent encouraging everyone to interact with the family in the room because they are all pseudo-connected to other people on a device.

We have grown accustomed to being connected without ever experiencing communion.

  • Have you ever considered how you think your child’s digital connections hinder his or her relationship with God?
  • Is it hindering your ability to connect with God and your family?

God is not detached from us. He is not on one side of the video screen where we can see him, but he cannot see us. He is closer to us than we can imagine. Every moment of every day, God is with us.

But if we are not careful, we will overlook his presence and the presence of others due to the pseudo-connection with those on a screen.

If you are unsure if your technology usage is affecting you and your family, ask these questions.

Technology Evaluation Questions

  1. How much screen time do I have daily?
  2. How much are my children looking at a screen daily?
  3. Is my usage helping me be productive or distracted?
  4. Can our family have a meal without someone looking at a phone?
  5. Do I find enough time to spend with the Lord through Bible study and prayer?
  6. What do I open first when the day begins?
  7. How often do I feel that I need to open my phone?
  8. Do I know what my children are actually watching, viewing, or interacting with when they are on a device?
  9. Have I installed any type of filters or monitors on the media that comes in the house?
  10. Do my children actually want to gather with their friends or are they content to connect with them via media?
  11. What level of edginess is present when children are told to put screens away?
  12. Are there clear boundaries regarding technology with your family?

Don’t get lost in regret if you have never evaluated these questions before. Evaluate them now.

If you think you will have a mutiny on your hand if you adjust technology regulations, that actually shows how important it is.