The Danger of Decadence

When we believe our status to be contingent upon what we own in this life, it robs us of obtaining true treasure. Decide if you will either serve God or money.

Matthew 6:19–24

Whatever you treasure most will have your undivided attention and unrivaled devotion.

Treasure (6:19-21)

  • The treasures of this earth are so fragile that the simplest of threats can take them away from us.
  • Don’t belittle the treasures of heaven as continued materialistic pursuits of earth.
  • The greatest gift of heaven is none other than the presence of God.

Attention (6:22-23)

  • Whatever captures your attention eventually becomes your obsession.
  • If you comprehend the value of heavenly things, you can easily categorize earthly things in their proper place.
  • Truly valuing the brilliance of God protects you from being distracted by lesser lights.

Devotion (6:24)

  • Having money isn’t evil; money having us is.
  • Serving God as your true master means that your finances will surrender to Him as well.
  • If you love money so much, you will resent God whenever He invites you to give it away

The danger of decadence is how it numbs us to our need for God and others’ need for us.