The Weariness of Worry

You would have plenty of valid reasons to worry if God was not your intentionally provisional Father. Rid yourself of the weariness of worry and trust God for your daily needs.

Matthew 6:25–34

Worry should not weary me if I know that God treasures me.

Our Worry Is Often Trivial (6:25-30)

  • Jesus’ teaching on anxiety is immediately preceded by his teaching on generosity.
  • Whether they are constantly searching (birds) or passively receiving (lilies), God even takes care of lesser lifeforms.
  • If God cares for the entire creation, how could He not care for the only ones created in His image?
  • Jesus doesn’t encourage idleness but emphasizes calmness.

Our Worry Is Often Offensive (6:31-32)

  • Christians should portray a different type of peace than those who don’t know God.
  • This life would be overwhelming if you lacked the confidence that God is your Heavenly Father.
  • Unchallenged anxiety is a symptom of practical atheism.

Our Worry Is Often Misplaced (6:33-34)

  • God’s Kingdom work cannot be an afterthought in the life of the disciple.
  • We receive the saving righteousness of Jesus, and we prioritize the practical righteousness of discipleship.
  • Commit to doing God’s work God’s way, and He promises to take care of your needs His way.
  • Do what you can today, and you will never have to worry about what you have to do tomorrow.