Distinctly Hopeful

You can be hopeful in the midst of suffering in this life. Your confidence can be in the fact that Jesus can handle any situation that you encounter.

  • No situation is so great that Jesus can’t handle it.
  • If Jesus could stop the storm, He could have predicted the storm, yet He led them through it anyway.  
  • If you mistake Jesus’ identity, you will overlook His activity.
  • Only God has the ability to rebuke the forces of nature and the forces of evil.
  • The most caring thing Jesus could do was to lead them through a storm He could control.
  • If you have to be in a storm, it’s best to have Jesus in the boat with you.
  • The disciples went through a great storm, Jesus made a great calm, and their response was a great fear.
  • The disciples mistakenly feared a storm when they should have feared the one who could sleep through it.
  • The point of this story is not that Jesus will calm your storm but that He can calm your storm.