The Broken Rule

Instead of treating others the way we wish to be treated, we often repay others for what they have done. The remarkable standard of the kingdom is simple, yet few will accept it.

Matthew 7:12–14

The Golden Rule (7:12)

  • The “so” in verse 12 reminds us that because God is a generous Father (7:7-11), His children should reflect His character.
  • Jesus’ instruction doesn’t focus on what to prohibit but on what to promote.
  • God expecting His people to be good to others is not restricted to the teachings of Jesus.
  • Christians exasperate the world’s problems when we align with commonalities more than Christ.

The Narrow Gate (7:13-14)

  • The way of Jesus has never completely transformed a culture.
  • If your position is popular, it probably isn’t biblical.
  • The culturally-accepted standards are easy now but devastating later.
  • Each of us will choose to embrace the lifestyle of the culture or the life that Christ provides.

The Scary Reality

  • Many religious people profess Christ but do not portray Him in their lives whatsoever.
  • Many church members have false assurances of salvation, quieting them on the way to hell.
  • If Jesus hasn’t changed your life, are you confident that He has saved it?