How to Read the Entire Bible

Jesus taught the necessity of obedience to His words, but we cannot apply them if we don’t first study them. Create a plan where you can work through studying the entire Bible.

Why the Entire Bible Is Critically Important

  1. Reading the entire Bible helps us know God better.
  2. Reading the entire Bible helps us understand our role in God’s story.
  3. Reading the entire Bible provides the larger storyline essential for comprehension.
  4. Reading the entire Bible creates a deeper understanding of the person and work of Jesus.
  5. Reading the entire Bible navigates challenging issues since Scripture interprets Scripture.
  6. Reading the entire Bible will lead you to every other worthwhile belief and behavior.
  7. Reading the entire Bible eliminates the awkward exchange when you are asked about it.

How to Start Reading the Bible (Ezra 7:10)

  1. DEVOTE – Make up your mind that you are going to devote yourself to read God’s Word intentionally.
  2. STUDY – Focus on making progress in your knowledge of the Word by consistent study.
  3. APPLY – Study until you find something specific you need to apply in your own life.
  4. SHARE – Commit to disciple others by teaching them what you have learned.

There are 1,189 chapters in the Bible.

  • 1 chapter a day – 3 years
  • 3 chapters a day – 1 year
  • 6.5 chapters a day – 6 months
  • 13 chapters a day – 3 months
  • 40 chapters a day – 1 month