Anxious for Nothing

Anxiety affects every single one of us in different ways and varying degrees. Learn some biblical ways to address your anxiety.

Philippians 4:4–9

Rejoice (4:4)

  • God reminds us to rejoice because our habit is to worry.
  • To battle anxiety, you must get specific about the reasons you have to rejoice.

Gather (4:5)

  • Anxiety is amplified in isolation.
  • Testifying to others about your reasonable resolve helps fortify your mind.
  • Having others around you reminds you that God is with you.

Pray (4:6)

  • Don’t be anxious about anything, but pray about everything.
  • As you pray about specific concerns, include gratitude for undeniable blessings.

Rest (4:7)

  • There is a peace that is so unbelievable only God could provide it.
  • There is a peace that is so available that circumstances could never remove it.
  • God’s peace can guard both your heart (emotions) and your mind (thoughts).

Focus (4:8)

  • You have to retrain yourself about what thoughts you allow to linger.
  • Prioritize thinking intentionally about what is good and right in your life.

Persevere (4:9)

  • Don’t believe that a one-step effort will fix a long-term issue.
  • If it’s a lifelong battle with anxiety, we need to develop a long-term plan.
  • Practice makes progress.