The Importance of Influencers

We can often carry deep regret simply because we listened to ungodly counsel. Our homes should lay a foundation of biblical wisdom equipping us to avoid the dangerous paths of this world.

Whoever you listen to the longest will guide you the furthest.  

The Role of Parents as Influencers (2:1-5)

  • If you are going to teach your family anything, encourage them to pursue God’s wisdom.
  • A parent’s passion teaches a child what to prioritize.

The Role of Scripture as Influencers (2:6-11)

  • We know the will of God through the Word of God.
  • The Bible provides us with essential beliefs and expected behaviors.

The Role of Culture as Influencers (2:12-15)

  • The culture gradually distorts God’s expectations so that we won’t notice how far we’ve strayed.
  • If you surround yourself with those who rejoice in evil, you will begin to normalize it yourself.

The Role of Relationships as Influencers (2:16-19)

  • Do not trust any relationship that encourages you to drift from your God or your family.
  • Adultery promises to bring life, but it only brings death.

The Role of Church as Influencers (2:20-22)

  • The easiest way to follow God is walking beside others going in the same direction.
  • Many well-intentioned people never fully grow spiritually because they never truly commit to a church.