Avoiding Half-Hearted Christianity

God didn’t call us to trust Him with some of our hearts because He knows we need total commitment. Discover God’s design for a life entirely entrusted to Him.

God’s love is not conditional for even His commands are an indication of His grace.

To apprehend the best of what God provides, we must trust that He knows best how to experience it.

Retain/Obtain (3:1-2)

  • If you retain biblical commands, you will obtain a quality life.
  • When we are unwilling to do the good that God says, we are unable to have the good that God offers.

Commit/Benefit (3:3-4)

  • If you commit to staying faithful, God will benefit you by continual support.
  • God’s approval is the ultimate indicator of whether you are successful or not.

Rely/Supply (3:5-6)

  • If you completely rely on God for the destination, He will clearly supply you with the directions to get there.
  • If you don’t want a part-time Savior, then don’t act like He is a part-time Lord.

Accept/Correct (3:7-8)

  • If you can accept that you don’t have it all together, God can correct any missteps along the way.
  • The wisest claim you will ever make is to admit that you are clueless without God.

Half-hearted Christianity is a form of religious affiliation without a real dedication.

How evident is it that your complete hope is in Jesus?