10 Questions to Evaluate Your Marriage’s Connection

A marriage does not drift toward emotional intimacy; it requires work. You must leave certain things according to Scripture and cleave (hold fast) to other things (Gen. 2:24). Without these two commitments, a marriage cannot maintain a connection.

Here are 10 questions for the married or the engaged to consider regarding how to evaluate your marriage’s connection.

  1. What are the most frequent causes for disrupting marital relationships?
  2. How would you describe a healthy placement for all other relationships compared to the priority of one’s spouse?
  3. What characteristics must you beware of in people close to you that might threaten your marital relationship?
  4. What is something you would want to repeat, and what is something you would want to reject from your parents’ marriage into your own?
  5. Are you more in danger of reverting to dishonor your parents or refusing to detach from your parents? Why?
  6. What family relationship from your side will cause the most frustration for your spouse? What will cause it?
  7. What family relationship from your spouse’s side creates the greatest uneasiness for you regarding your marriage?
  8. How can you tell when expectations of other people (parents, kids, friends, etc.) are hindering your marriage?
  9. What are the pros and cons for your marriage of having a deep relationship with a friend or family member?
  10. What are the key ingredients to maintaining emotional intimacy within a marriage throughout the years?