The Pride of Platform

King David found the proper state of mind when he realized who he was and who he was not. We must fight against the tendency to assert ourselves pridefully among a culture built on self-promotion.

Psalm 131:1-3

The Problem

  • We live in a society where worth is attributed to how much attention we can draw.
  • Digital notifications of approval provide a rush of dopamine creating dependent and addictive patterns.  
  • Impressing someone online is far easier than engaging with someone in person.

The Passage

  • Pride must be discarded in the presence of the LORD (131:1).
  • We must fight against overvaluing ourselves or undervaluing others (131:1).
  • It is a special type of pride to think that we are the experts on everything (131:1).
  • With a restless heart and society, it takes a specific effort to quiet our souls (131:2).
  • A weaned soul lingers not because of necessity but due to desire (131:2).
  • When we realize who we are not, we are able to hope in God for who He truly is (131:3).

The Process

  • Be amazed that you get to follow Jesus rather than by how many people follow you.
  • Humble yourself and accept you might not know everything and don’t have to comment on everything.
  • Enforce a limit to how many apps you can use and how often you can use them.
  • Use social media as a megaphone for the message you value most.