How to Know for Sure You Are Saved

Assurance of salvation can often be an elusive thing to obtain. God’s Word provides specific characteristics of those who have been truly born again.

1 John 2:1-11

The Characteristics of Christ (2:1-2)

Advocate (2:1)

  • While our goal should be to avoid sin, God has a plan to address it when we stray.
  • Jesus is eager to be our advocate when we are rightfully accused of sin.

Propitiation (2:2)

  • Propitiation means that Christ satisfied God’s requirements for us.
  • Jesus’ sacrifice is sufficient for all but efficient for some.

The Characteristics of Christians (2:3-11)

Keeping Commandments (2:3-6)

  • Obedience is the effect of knowing Christ – not the prerequisite.
  • The love of God is perfected in us when we desire to live according to His standards. 

Loving Others (2:7-11)

  • Christ’s surprising love for us should remove any remaining hatred for another Christian.
  • Truly loving those for whom Christ died can keep you from stumbling with uncharacteristic behavior. 

Assurance of salvation is found in what Christ has done and what He is helping us to do.

The gospel implies Christ’s perfection and the Christian’s progression.