The Only Approval Required

When we live our lives for Jesus, He is the only affirmation we need to receive. If we can maintain the perspective that we live for an audience of one, we can seek to please Him in every aspect of our lives.

1 Thessalonians 2:1-6

The Approval of the Gospel Message (2:1-3)

  • Accepting God’s call to minister to others is always a worthwhile pursuit (2:1).
  • The truth of the gospel provides a healthy framework to interpret conflict in our lives (2:2).
  • If the gospel is truly true, then we should not be hesitant to share it with others (2:3).

The Approval of the Gospel Ministry (2:4-6)

  • If ministry is entrusted to us by God, then our desire for approval should rest with Him as well (2:4).
  • Man will judge our actions, but God will test our hearts (2:4).
  • Life becomes so much simpler when we define who it is we are trying to please (2:4).
  • If our hope is to be received, rewarded, or revered by others, even our good deeds will be selfishly motivated (2:5-6).
  • No spiritual advantages should be used to garner preferential treatment (2:6). 

Whose approval do you desire the most?