Spiritual Warfare and Kingdom Advancement 

When we engage in ministry, we encounter opposition potentially originating from Satan and his forces. We must open our eyes to the conflict hindering us from knowing how to push forward.

1 Thessalonians 2:17-20

We must open our eyes to the reality that some practical opposition originates from spiritual forces.

From An Earthly Perspective

  • Opposition increased so much that the leaders had to depart for the safety of the church (2:17; cf. Acts 17:5).
  • Being separated from these other believers was so traumatic that it felt like being torn from a family (2:17).
  • Every time they attempted to return, something would come up to prevent their reunion (2:18).

From a Heavenly Perspective

  • If we are separated physically from other believers, we do not have to be disconnected spiritually (2:17).
  • Satan employs tangible circumstances to hinder spiritual progress (2:18).
  • The most valuable reward in heaven is being a part of another’s story for how they got there (2:19-20).

From a Personal Perspective

  • The devil is not to blame for every one of your negative circumstances, but he is responsible for some of them.
  • Consider the influencing factors in your life to determine if they are helping or hindering your Kingdom activity.
  • If your obsession over details regarding Christ’s second coming distracts you from telling people about his firstcoming, you have missed the point.
  • Your value of another’s discipleship will determine if you lay down or take up arms when spiritual warfare comes