Beware the Temptation that Accompanies Affliction

With great affliction comes numerous opportunities to give in to temptation. As believers, we must be careful not to surrender to the flesh when we become overwhelmed.

1 Thessalonians 3:1-5

The longer we experience trials, the easier we fall into temptation.

The Temptation to Be Selfish (3:1-2)

  • Our compassion for others should motivate us to do something about their situation.
  • A mark of Christlikeness is being more concerned for another’s need than your own.

The Temptation to Avoid Affliction (3:3-4)

  • There’s a difference between suffering due to Christian destiny and foolish decisions.
  • We should not be surprised by affliction if we follow a perfect Savior who was undeservedly crucified.

The Temptation to Embrace Compromise (3:5)

  • The enemy loves to use ongoing opposition to justify discouraged disobedience.
  • Affliction will either drive us closer to God or drift further away from Him.

What Should You Do?

  1. Anticipate Suffering
  2. Fight Temptation
  3. Seek Help