Be Ready When It’s Time to Go

In The Parable of the Ten Virgins, Jesus warned disciples to prepare for His return. While we know neither the day nor the hour, we can guarantee that He will come again to gather those who belong to Him.

Matthew 25:1-13


  • After rebuking the Pharisees days before His crucifixion, Jesus left the temple for the final time (Matt. 24:1).
  • Jesus shared what signs His disciples should be looking for while waiting for the end times (Matt. 24:3).
  • Jesus taught three final parables to help His disciples prepare for His return (Matthew 25).


  • The ten virgins were unmarried bridesmaids invited to participate in the upcoming wedding (25:1).
  • Half of the women planned well for the unknown commencement, but half were partially prepared (25:2-4).
  • The groom arrived later than anticipated and alerted less than expected (25:5-6).
  • Those unprepared searched frantically for something to guide their journey, but they were too late (25:7-13).


  • Anyone who boasts of knowing Christ’s return claims insight that Scripture says they cannot possess.
  • Not everyone who is invited to the heavenly celebration will make it there.
  • Some people who appear prepared will flicker as challenges increase and Christ’s return seems delayed.
  • You should require no additional warning than this one – Jesus will return.
  • Are you prepared if Jesus returned this very day?