Leaving Jesus Destitute

In The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats, Jesus taught that whatever we do for others, or refuse to do, directly correlates to our relationship with Him. By refusing to meet the needs of others, many of us have left Jesus destitute.

Matthew 25:31-46


  • Jesus delivered this final parable to His disciples before reminding them one more time of His imminent death (Matt. 26:2).
  • In the previous two parables, He taught to be ready for His return (25:1-13) and to be active in the meantime (25:14-30).
  • While Christ calls us to be compassionate to all, this parable focuses on our responsibility to other Christians (25:40).


  • King Jesus will eventually sort through all of us and pronounce judgment based upon the evidence our life provides.
  • The sheep belong to Jesus, but the goats are those who are out of place while looking and grazing similarly.
  • Christ notices when we provide food, drink, hospitality, clothing, care, and support to those in need.
  • Offering compassion to other believers is a service Jesus receives as if done for Him personally.
  • Our eternal standing is not decided by our works, but it is distinguished by them.


  • Compassionate disciples motivated by grace aren’t concerned about their efforts being noticed.
  • None of our efforts are deemed insignificant in light of eternity.
  • Our actions serve as proof of our standing with God, not a prerequisite. 
  • You cannot obey this parable if you aren’t close enough to know the needs of fellow believers. 
  • What does your manner of compassion for God’s people say about your relationship with God?