You Can’t Take It With You

Luke 12:13-21 – In The Parable of the Rich Fool, Jesus taught how unreliable our possessions could be to forming and completing our lives. Live for something that outlives you.


  • As Jesus taught people about Kingdom concepts, they were often more interested in personal perks.
  • The man who prompted this parable desired Jesus to make a decision on a petty family disagreement (12:13).
  • Jesus knows how to move beyond a situation in order to address our condition (12:14-15).


  • Exponential riches have a way of creating insatiable appetites (12:16-18).
  • The richer we become, the more we seek physical comforts and the less we consider spiritual realities (12:19).
  • God considers anyone who focuses on temporal possessions as eternally foolish (12:20).
  • You can experience financial prosperity while maintaining spiritual poverty (12:21).


  • Allowing yourself to covet others’ possessions will keep you discontent no matter how much you acquire (12:15).
  • No amount of net worth can ever provide lasting happiness or invincible security (12:15). 
  • Every item that you treasure is ultimately destined for the trash (12:20).
  • Realize that whatever it is that the world prioritizes, you can’t take it with you (12:21).