Seeking the Worst Seat

Sermon at Tigerville Baptist Church

Luke 14:7-11 – In The Parable of the Wedding Feast, Jesus encouraged His followers to avoid pursuing places of privilege. Exaltation is not attained by proving greatness but by relentlessly prioritizing humility.


  • A ruler of the Pharisees invited Jesus to a Sabbath dinner party full of important religious leaders (Lk. 14:1).
  • Jesus healed a needy man at the party and essentially dared the strict religionists to stop Him (Lk. 14:2-6).
  • Jesus taught this parable after witnessing how these people jockeyed for special places of honor (Lk. 14:7).


  • Jesus warned about the futility of attempting to appear more important than you are (Lk. 14:8-9).
  • You would rather be asked to move up rather than be forced to move down (Lk. 14:10).
  • You can decide to humble yourself, or God will do it for you (Lk. 14:11).


  • It’s hard to follow Jesus if you are obsessing over entitlement.
  • If Jesus left His throne, we should never struggle to give up our privileged positions.
  • If you seek the world’s affirmation, you are telling God that His isn’t enough.
  • Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself but thinking about yourself less.
  • Decide that you will put your comforts aside out of concern for others.