Too Forgiven to Be Unforgiving

Matthew 18:21-35 – In The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant, Jesus answered how many times we should forgive another person who has wronged us. If you realize how much you have been forgiven for in your life, it should not be a stretch to forgive others as well.


  • Jesus was teaching His disciples what to do when others sin.
  • The tradition of the Pharisees limited the responsibility to forgive someone to three times.
  • Peter thought he was incredibly gracious, but Jesus revealed how thorough forgiveness must truly be (18:21-22).


1st Encounter

  • The first man owed his master 10,000 talents.
  • One talent was roughly the equivalent of 20 years’ wages for a common laborer.
  • This man’s debt was a modern-day equivalency of 6 billion dollars.

2nd Encounter

  • The second man owed the newly forgiven servant 100 denarii.
  • A common laborer earned about one denarius a day.
  • This man’s debt was a modern-day equivalency of $12,000.

The one who benefitted from mercy was unwilling to give it to another.


  • There is coming a day when God will settle all of our sin accounts.
  • While others owe us significant debts, it is nothing compared to the debt we owed God.
  • It is spiritually ironic to hold higher standards for lesser offenses. 
  • How dare we identify by an amazing grace that we are unwilling to extend?
  • You are too forgiven to be unforgiving to those who have hurt you.