The Ferocious & Futile Plan of Our Enemy

Exodus 1:8-22 – The Israelites intimidated the Egyptian Pharaoh, so he used all forces at his disposal to reduce their presence. No matter how much God’s enemies oppose His people, they will never fully succeed.

Whenever God’s work is noticeable, our enemy’s efforts increase.


  • Governments will respect religious people until some aspect threatens their authority (1:8-10).
  • Based on perceived superiority, a people enslaved another (1:11-14).
  • Pharaoh’s demonic strategy was to neutralize the threat of men and take advantage of women (1:15-16).
  • History is different because two women feared God more than anyone else (1:17-19).
  • An observable genocide transpired while motivated by an unseen opposition (1:20-22).


  • Observe that our current tensions are not isolated to our moment in history.
  • Realize that if the enemy can’t stop your birth, he will try to enslave your life.
  • Satan’s attacks are ferocious but futile in attempting to thwart God’s plans.
  • The danger of disobedience is far worse than whatever consequences obedience may bring.
  • Do the next right thing regardless of what it might cost you.