Divine Rescue and Placement

Exodus 2:1-10 – In what seemed like a random set of events surrounding the first few months of Moses’ life, God orchestrated details to save Moses and God’s people. God rescues us from danger to place us in the center of His plans.


  • Moses was born into the family of priests whose role would be to restore the people back to God (2:1).
  • When Moses’ mother could no longer protect him, she trusted him with the current of God’s providential plan (2:2-4).
  • The word to describe Moses’ basket (תֵּ֣בַת – tebah) is only used to refer to one other thing in all of Scripture: Noah’s ark.
  • The child of Pharaoh was casually cleansing herself in the watery grave of the children of Israel (2:5-6).
  • While unaware of her stance on her father’s policy, once Pharaoh’s daughter came face to face with one life, everything changed (2:7-8).
  • Due to her Godward obedience, Moses’ mother got paid to do what she wanted to do for free (2:9).
  • Before Moses could lead anyone else through the waters, he had to be delivered himself (2:10).


  • You can’t be led by compassion until you are close enough with people to feel their anguish.
  • When we finally come to grips with our suffering, God is already actively working for a greater deliverance.
  • Nothing can hinder God from rescuing us from danger and placing us with purpose.