Magnify (DNOW)

If someone inspects our lives, we desire them to discover Jesus as our most important value. Christ is so worthy; we cannot magnify Him halfway.

The following notes are from sermons I preached at Edwards Road Baptist Church for their DNOW 2023 weekend.


Philippians 1:12-20 // Friday Evening

The Apostle Paul was in unfortunate and unfair circumstances, but instead of complaining, he used them to glorify Jesus. Instead of waiting on desired changes, let’s use our current situations as an opportunity to magnify Christ.

  • Unpleasant suffering positions us with unexpected opportunities (1:12-13).
  • Perseverance through hardships inspires courage in others facing similar situations (1:14).
  • Trials lead people to advance personal platforms or God’s kingdom (1:15-17).
  • Instead of wondering why you must go through circumstances, consider how Christ can be seen through them (1:18-19).
  • How we endure suffering in this life will either magnify or diminish others’ perception of Jesus (1:20).
  • What if Jesus wants to renew that circumstance you wish to remove?
  • Live your life so that others cannot deny how valuable Jesus is to you.


Psalm 34:1-22 // Saturday Morning

We don’t adequately represent the glory of God if we limit worship to one day a week. We can utilize certain habits to magnify God every day of our lives.

  • If you love someone enough, you’ll do anything to spend regular time with them.
  • God deserves worship more than one hour a week (34:1). 
  • Lifestyle worship can’t help but be contagious (34:2-3).
  • The life we were intended to live is characterized by what we pursue (34:4-10) and what we prohibit (34:11-14).
  • God won’t abandon those who seek Him for refuge (34:15-22).
  • Your spiritual health is equal to how you seek God.
  • Read the Bible
  • Pray the Bible
  • Memorize the Bible


2 Samuel 6 // Saturday Morning

King David returned the ark to Jerusalem and led exuberant worship, unhindered by others. We cannot contain our worship once we consider what God has done for us.

  • It’s hard to tell that you believe what you sing if you don’t sing like you believe it.
  • The people of God learned how to worship God from those who did not know God (6:1-5).
  • It is dangerous to enter the presence of God and somehow believe that you deserve to be there (6:6-11).
  • Once you have experienced the presence of God, you can’t settle for anything less (6:12).
  • The only way to avoid our punishment is if a sacrifice takes our place (6:13).
  • Forgiven people can’t help being passionate worshipers (6:14-23).
  • You will never offer worship that God deserves if you care more about what others think.
  • Worship in such a way that God knows that you mean it.


Mark 14:1-11 // Saturday Evening

Mary prepared a generous gift for Jesus before He gave Himself as our sacrificial offering. No sacrifice is too extravagant to give to the One who gave His all for us.

  • Stagnate Christians are those who have gotten used to Jesus.
  • The truest offerings are those that can never be taken back (14:3).
  • Disapproving of another’s offerings is often an attempt to distract others from personal unwillingness (14:4-7).
  • Halfway efforts never make worldwide impacts (14:8-9).
  • There are two types of followers of Jesus: those who want Jesus and those who want what Jesus can give (14:10).
    • Mary’s Gift – 300 Denarii (300 days’ wages)
    • Judas’ Bounty – 30 Shekels (120 days’ wages)
  • The benefit of betrayal is never equal to the cost of surrender (14:11).
  • You will never offer anything worthwhile if you’ve never been unraveled by the cross.