God Leads Through Paths Unexpected

Exodus 13:17-22 – God led the Israelites through unexpected paths by unusual guides as they left Egypt. We must maintain trust even when God leads in ways we do not understand.


  • God intentionally led His people down an unexpected and troublesome path (13:17).
  • The exodus direction would ensure that these wanderers would avoid certain situations and be unable to escape from others (13:18).
  • The transfer of Joseph’s bones served as a reminder that God keeps His faithful promises even after we are gone (13:19).
  • While their path was unconventional, God’s guidance was undeniable (13:20-21).
  • God’s people endured the trials of the wilderness because His presence never left them (13:22).


  • If God’s direction for your life seems confusing, realize that He sees things you can’t.
  • God doesn’t let us experience certain scenarios because He knows we’re not ready for them yet.
  • God won’t hesitate to put you in impossible situations so that you rely on Him. 
  • You need not ask for God’s presence but pray for your awareness.