The LORD Is My Waymaker

Exodus 14:1-31 – With the sea in front of them and the enemy behind them, the Israelites were out of options unless God did something miraculous. The LORD has proved to be a waymaker time and time again for the people of God.

God can make a way when there seems to be no way.


  • Even God’s enemies would marvel at how He would rescue His people (14:1-9).
  • Troubles will cause God’s people to question what He’s done or anticipate what He will do (14:10-14).
  • The LORD knows when it is time to stop talking about it and when it is time to start moving forward (14:15-18).
  • These events revealed one undeniable truth – the LORD fights for His people (14:19-25).
  • After such a deliverance, the people feared the LORD and believed in their servant leader (14:26-31).


  • Fear Not – If you walk with God, nothing should be able to cripple you with anxiety.
  • Stand Firm – Beware the temptation to drift away from God when challenges arise.
  • Look Up – Don’t settle for solutions you can achieve without God’s help. 
  • Be Quiet – We might observe God’s movement more if we learned to keep silent.