The LORD Is My Strength and My Song

Exodus 15:1-21 – At the banks of the Red Sea, the victorious Israelites worshiped the God who had saved them. We should live lifestyles of worship, constantly expressing gratitude to our faithful Deliverer. 


  • After the Red Sea’s parting, Moses composed the first worship song recorded in the Bible.
  • God is worthy of personal and family expressions of worship (15:1-3).
  • God’s distinct holiness deserves devoted worship (15:4-13).
  • How God’s people worship serves as a witness to unbelievers (15:14-16).
  • Worship on earth should be a taste of the reality in heaven (15:17-18).
  • Our personal expressions of worship should motivate others to join along (15:19-21).


  • If worship is negotiable for your family, you prioritize something else more.
  • Treat worship as your declaration of war.
  • Your worship won’t rise above your perception of God.
  • Worship in such a way that those who don’t believe what you believe at least believe that you believe it.
  • Your worship should convey that you’ve been redeemed, the enemy is defeated, and your future is secure.