The LORD Is My Rock

Exodus 17:1-7 – To provide the Israelites with water, God curiously instructed Moses to strike a rock in the side from which life-giving nourishment would run. This moment, and the event it foreshadowed, reminds us all that the LORD is truly among us.


  • Despite God’s consistent provision, the people complained yet again about their conditions (17:1-2).
  • Removed from their bondage, they forgot how horrific their prior circumstances were (17:3).
  • Moses knew the people would turn on him if they didn’t get what they needed (17:4).
  • God’s curious instruction to strike a rock provided the needed water (17:5-6).
  • When the absence of provisions is the reality, the presence of God is doubted (17:7). 


  • Consider that the circumstances that call you to challenge God are critically consequential.
  • Blaming a scapegoat for your unfavorable circumstances won’t make them better.
  • Realize that the voices around you will gradually affect your perspective.
  • Jesus is the innocent rock struck to address our sinful condition.
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