Leading By Example

A position may grant you the right to give orders, but a true leader is one who diligently works alongside others. Your example lived in front of others will be the most remarkable leadership lesson you could ever teach. 

The Problem

  • We often feel the need for a change that we are unwilling to discomfort ourselves to produce.
  • A toxic understanding of leadership turns successful individuals into selfless elitists.
  • If people wouldn’t follow you unless they had to do so, you’re not a leader.

“A true shepherd leads the way. He does not merely point the way.”

–Leonard Ravenhill

The Example (Nehemiah 2)

  • Before devising a plan, Nehemiah committed to prayer (1:4; 2:4).
  • Amid numerous internal and external opposition points, Nehemiah knew that God’s hand was on him (2:8).
  • Before enlisting workers, Nehemiah evaluated the situation extensively (2:12-16).
  • Nehemiah didn’t insulate himself in the king’s favor but identified himself with struggling people (2:17).
  • Nehemiah mobilized people to action, in which he would remain personally involved (2:18).

The Adjustment

  • Pray – Don’t try to lead others until you are sure you are following God’s plan.
  • Ponder – Know what needs to be done before you start doing something.
  • Plan – The more organized your plans become, the more ambitious each member can be.
  • Place – Recruit people who care about the mission and install them in proper positions.
  • Persist – If you want to inspire others, work intently and persistently.

This world doesn’t need another leader enlisting by intimidation; we need those guiding their examples.