No Idols

Exodus 20:4-6 – The second commandment warned the people of belittling God to any type of idol. We must ensure we worship the God who made us, not the gods we attempt to make.


  • The first commandment is a warning against worshiping the wrong God, but the second is about worshiping the right God in the wrong way.
  • Idolatry is about reducing the Creator by representing Him with a creation.
  • God is rightfully jealous because He doesn’t require a go-between in your relationship.
  • Sin brings consequences to those closest to us; obedience invites blessings.


  • Any person, place, or product you consider necessary to follow God is an idol.
  • Be careful of confusing your commitment to a tribe with an allegiance to your God.
  • Mishandling devotion to God will negatively affect those around you.
  • Your refusal to be an idolater can change your family’s legacy.
  • We can worship God by honoring those made in His image rather than seeking to construct one on our own.
  • God gave us a perfect image of Himself in Jesus – we should require none other.