Leading Through Conflicts

Leaders will experience no shortage of conflicts when they try to make a difference. It’s not a matter of if crises will come but how we will respond when we encounter them. 

The Problem

  • Personal – You will experience varied challenges throughout your life that will make you want to quit.
  • Insiders – God’s people can be experts on creating conflict by majoring in the minors.
  • Outsiders – The more defiant our culture becomes, the more hostile they become toward Christians.

“It is easier to kill an organization than it is to change it.”

–Tom Peters

The Example (2 Cor. 11:12-12:10)

  • Satan motivates people to create conflict to slow Kingdom work (11:12-15).
  • Christian leaders should not be surprised when trials greatly oppose them (11:23-29).
  • The only bragging Paul wanted to do was share how well he struggled (11:30-33).
  • God uses “thorns in the flesh” to keep His leaders humble and dependent (12:6-8).
  • The power of Christ rests on those who express dependence on Him through conflicts (12:9-10).

The Adjustment

  • Personal – Discern the source of your most significant personal conflicts, and align your efforts with biblical wisdom.
  • Insiders – Do not let conflict among other believers remain unaddressed, unchallenged, or unforgiven.
  • Outsiders – Don’t excuse your inability to lead due to the state of the culture.

You cannot avoid conflict but should commit to learning through it regardless.