Protecting Life

Exodus 20:13 – The sixth commandment forbids the taking of innocent life. As people distinguished by the image of God, we must respect and protect that same image in any and every life we encounter.


  • Out of eight Hebrew words that mean “to kill,” God used a specific one that communicates unlawful murder.
  • With this command, God forbid premeditated murder and reckless manslaughter.
  • No lone individual has the authority to determine another’s right to live.
  • Since God is the giver of life (Deut. 32:39), we do not have the license to take it away.
  • If God stamped His image on a life, we should not snuff it out in wrathfulness or carelessness (cf. Gen. 1:27; Jam. 3:9).
  • Jesus exposed that the heart of breaking this commandment originates in unrestrained anger (Matt. 5:22).


  • Beware of an irresponsible attitude that endangers others.
  • Avoid any substance that hinders your ability to reason and amplifies your capacity to jeopardize others.
  • If God forms within the womb, then the aborting of the child’s life must be seen as murder.
  • Avoid any callous responses to the taking of any human life.
  • Don’t be shocked at a murderer’s actions while overlooking similar reactions within yourself.
  • Beware the thoughts, words, and actions communicating your opinion of another’s worthlessness.