One Choice

Luke 23:39-43 – On the cross, two men surrounded Jesus – one desired release and the other redemption. Students must examine to see the validity of their faith as well.

Sermon Notes from One Night Spartanburg (First Baptist North Spartanburg)

How will you respond to Jesus?

  • Many people only turn to God when overwhelmed by consequences.
  • Fearing hell is not the same thing as desiring heaven.
  • Demons have better theology than many “Christians” (see James 2:19).
    • You believe that God is one. Good! Even the demons believe – and they shudder.
  • Some people come to Jesus for release, while others seek a Redeemer.
  • Is Christianity a way to escape consequences or to embrace Christ?
  • You won’t live with Jesus for eternity if you aren’t walking with Him now.
  • Stay amazed by Jesus so much that you even spend your last moments sharing Him with others.
  • Saving faith:
    • Admits sin (“what we deserve”)
    • Believes Christ (“this man has done nothing wrong”)
    • Confesses faith (“remember me”)

How will you respond to Jesus?

  • Reject (I don’t want to follow Jesus)
  • Receive (I am now ready to follow Jesus)
  • Rejoice (I am thankful I’ve been following Jesus)