Rituals for Renewal

Exodus 23:10-33 – God expected His people to observe weekly rhythms and calendered festivals to recall His presence in those moments they needed Him most. We ought to build patterns into our lives that remind us and the generations behind us of God’s continued faithfulness.


  • Sabbath (23:10-13) – God ordered regular rhythms of renewal to remind His people of their limitations and His infinitude.
  • The Festival of Unleavened Bread (23:14-15) – Remember how God freed His people through the sacrificial lamb.
  • The Festival of the Harvest (23:16) – Considering how well God meets our needs should motivate us to give Him our best.
  • The Festival of Booths (23:16-19) – Reflecting how far God has brought us should cause us to stay grateful.
  • Conquest (23:20-33) – God will take care of His enemies – so don’t act like one.


  • Time – Refusing to take the margins that God provides will cause you to need more than that later.
  • Resources – If God has richly blessed you, then stop giving Him your leftovers.
  • Activity – Ruthlessly eliminate worldly temptations from your life. 
  • Testimony – One of the best ways to bolster your assurance of salvation is by reminding yourself and others of your testimony.