Methods of Evangelism, Part 2

There are many methods to share the gospel, and there is no one surefire way. It is best to find some options you feel comfortable using and get started by telling the greatest news to your closest relationships.


  • You cannot share a booklet you do not have.
  • Never give a booklet you have not read.
  • Be enthusiastic about the contents when you give it away.
    • “This is the greatest love story the world has ever seen.”
    • “The most exciting thing that has ever happened to me is explained…”
    • “What is in this little book has changed my life – take it and read it”
  • Ask if you can explain the contents. 
  • If able, give your information to follow up. 

3 Circles

  • We live in a broken world. 
  • God had a perfect design.
  • Sin led us from that perfect design to brokenness. 
  • We try but can’t get out of brokenness ourselves. 
  • God provided the only way out, Jesus. 
  • If we trust Jesus as our king, we can experience that perfect design.