Giving Out from What You’ve Been Given

Exodus 25:1-9 – God instructed the people to give in specific ways to create a place to meet with Him. The offerings of these formerly enslaved people are much like ours – given from the overflow of God’s provision.

The only reason that God’s financial instructions are bothersome is if you love money more than Him.


  • God informed His people that a gift for ministry was actually an offering for Him (25:1-2).
  • While God could have commanded the people to give, He requested those willing to step up (25:1-2).
  • The people had offering options that were varied yet specific to what God requested (25:3-7).
  • All of their contributions came from the abundance of God’s provision (cf. 3:21-22; 12:36).
  • Each person who gave paved the way for others to experience God (25:8-9).


  • God loves cheerful givers (2 Cor. 9:7), and He often blesses them more because they are trustworthy stewards (Matt. 25:29).
  • Stingy people are often the most critical consumers because they refuse to invest in what they want to experience.
  • Generous people find ways to further ministry in their lives and even after their deaths.
  • The thorough blessings of God should generate creative offerings from His people.
  • Don’t expect God to bless your efforts if you don’t value His priorities.
  • You will never outgive God, and you will never give something He hasn’t given to you.