Worship Pretenders

Sermon at SCBC Onward Conference 2023

2 Samuel 6:1-15 – David desired to usher the people back into God’s presence, but he had foolishly not prepared to do so according to God’s design. We must avoid becoming worship pretenders, those who appear spiritual without the commitment of being biblical.

  • There is a danger in people appearing spiritual without committing to being biblical (6:1-2).
  • The people of God learned how to worship God from those who did not know God (6:3-5).
  • God called us to obey the Word – not imitate the world.
  • It is a dangerous thing to enter the presence of God and somehow believe that you deserve to be there (6:6-11).
  • Obed Edom’s Servant Profile:
    • Lyre Player (1 Ch. 15:21)
    • Ark Gatekeeper (1 Ch. 16:38)
    • Tabernacle Minister (1 Ch. 26:4, 12-15)
  • Once you have experienced the presence of God, you can’t settle for anything less (6:12).
  • The only way I can avoid God’s wrath is if another takes my place (6:13).
  • If you truly grasp God’s forgiveness, you can hardly contain your worship (6:14-15).