2024 Sermon Series

After much prayer, study, and discussion, our pastors have decided on the preaching direction for 2024. As we consider the state of our church and the challenges of the upcoming year, we anticipate God’s Word equipping us in these critical areas.

Psalm 119

As we begin the year encouraging all disciples to commit to a year studying the Scriptures, we will preach through the longest chapter in the Bible that focuses on the power of God’s Word. This series will catalyze our discipleship strategy for the year with aligned initiatives to make us hearers and doers of the Word.  


Around Easter, we will study the “I AM” statements of Jesus from the Gospel of John. The more we understand the identity of Jesus, the more we will comprehend the activity that should permeate our lives. The person and ministry of Jesus Christ meet our greatest needs. 


During the summer months, we will study Solomon’s testimonial piece on the vanity that characterizes much of life in this world. We must focus on God and His commands and not get distracted by the frivolous pursuits of this life.

1 Peter

As we enter into a divisive political season in our country, we will study Peter’s address to Christians struggling to suffer well in a culture gone mad. During this focus, we will seek to maintain our witness no matter what comes.

To follow along with us through these studies, you can follow the sermons at Rocky Creek Church and connect with other churches through the Recommission Network.

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