The Resurrection and the Life

John 11:17-44 – Outside of Lazarus’ tomb, it appeared as if death had claimed another victim. Jesus proved His power over death through resurrection and now invites us to come alive.

The Resurrection and the Life from Rocky Creek on Vimeo.

What Happened Then

  • Jesus learned of His friend Lazarus’ sickness and intentionally delayed going to help him (11:1-7).
  • The fear of death didn’t overcome Jesus since He equated it with sleep (11:8-16).
  • Lazarus assuredly died, and his sisters struggled with why Jesus didn’t do anything about it (11:17-24).
  • A belief in Jesus provides hope that the grave is not the end (11:25-27).
  • Jesus wept alongside them because death is the tragic consequence of our sin (11:28-36).
  • The power of Jesus raised a dead man from the grave and removed all traces of his previous bondage (11:37-44).
  • Days later, Jesus’ empty tomb would prove that mourning is temporary and resurrection is available (20:14-18).

What Needs to Happen Now

  • Don’t be among those who behold Jesus yet fail to believe (11:45).
  • Believe in Jesus, the resurrection and the life, and you don’t have to fear physical or spiritual death (11:25-26).
  • Walk out of your dead ways of living in such a way that no one can doubt the change (11:44).