4 Questions for Developing Sermon Series

A pastor can feel overwhelmed when preparing a sermon series due to the range of needs and various options. Consider these four questions as you plan your next series.

#1. Temperature – Where are our people spiritually?

Make a solid evaluation of your church’s spiritual health. Consider the congregation’s great needs before narrowing down your focus.

#2. Text – What part of the Bible speaks to that best?

Once you have established the most significant need, you can better determine the best section of Scripture to unpack. Prayerfully consider books or sections of Scripture that will speak to the church’s needs.

#3. Term – How many weeks will it take to preach through that?

Once you identify the section of Scripture you need to preach, make an honest assessment of how long it will take you to cover the content. Then, make a simple outline (don’t get caught up in titles and descriptions) of what verses you would cover weekly.

#4. Time – What is the best time of year to address it?

Once you have established the previous answers, you can better discern the series’ timing. Your church has certain rhythms more conducive to different types of studies. Consider school schedules and put them on your church’s calendar.

If you need further help, check out these tools to plan a series or an entire year.