Why Life Often Seems Pointless

Ecclesiastes 1:1-18 – Even when King Solomon had everything, he felt it was all for nothing. No matter how personally successful you are, you will reach a place where you question the meaning of life’s pursuits. 


  • The more you see of this world, the more you will discover how pointless its pursuits are (1:1-3).
  • Each generation eventually realizes their struggles are precisely the same as those before (1:4-7).
  • Nothing that appeals to the senses can fix what is broken inside us (1:8).
  • Everything we experience is repeated and forgettable (1:9-11).
  • Prioritizing the things of this world is a pointless pursuit of that which cannot be obtained (1:12-14).
  • The greatest lesson this world can give is that there’s nothing it can teach us (1:15-18).


  • You might be miserable because you seek the world to address what only the Lord can fix.
  • If everything under the sun is futile, then what is above it must be worthwhile.
  • You will never achieve satisfaction if worldly happiness is your goal.