Addressing Anxiety

Everyone suffers from some level of anxiety in their lives. Discover what Scripture clarifies to address our feelings when we are overwhelmed.

The Reality

  • All of us will experience differing levels of distress and sorrow in life.
  • Each of us handles anxiety differently due to many personal factors.
  • We typically label people as those who struggle with anxiety and those who do not, but those are unhelpful distinctions.
  • Consider anxiety as a scale where we all start in different places and all have elements that can potentially alter it.

0 ———————————————100

  • Realize that you haven’t felt when anxiety hits; you fail when you mishandle it.
  • Handling anxiety is much like how you handle other temptations in your life; the first glance isn’t your fault, but you are responsible for the lingering.

The Example

Matthew 26:36-46

  • Even Jesus got overwhelmed.
    • He was described as “greatly distressed” (Mark 14:33).
    • He was described as “sorrowful” and “troubled” (Matt. 26:37).
    • He was so low that he described himself to the point of death (Matt. 26:38).
    • He was so overwhelmed that he suffered from hematohidrosis (Luke 22:44).
  • Jesus showed us what to do when overwhelmed.
    • He drew near to God.
      • He went to a customary place, a favorite spot to pray (Luke 22:39).
      • He brought his honest feelings to God (Matt. 26:39).
    • He drew near to friends.
      • He brought three of his closest friends to be with him (Mark 14:33).
      • He asked them to pray with him (Matt. 26:40-41).
  • Jesus was different after this experience.
    • After this time, he seemed determined, calm, and somehow, even in control.
      • He tells the disciples to get up because his betrayer has arrived, and it is time to get going (Matt. 26:46).
      • He speaks confidently and causes people to fall to the ground (John 18:6).
      • He tells the mob to leave his disciples alone and take him (John 18:8).
      • He heals a guard’s ear that Peter cuts off (Luke 22:51).
      • He tells the mob he could call down more than twelve legions of angels at that moment if he wanted to (Matt. 26:53).
      • And when he talks with those who can spare his life, he tells them they have power only because it was given to them (John 19:11).

The Process

  • Draw Near to God
    • Are you actively in God’s Word?
    • Are you being honest and regular in times of prayer?
    • Are you memorizing some safeguard Scriptures?
    • Is there a distraction keeping you away from spending time with Him?
    • Is there a sinful coping mechanism that is distancing you from Him?
  • Draw Near to Friends
    • Are you in a regular community with spiritual people you can trust?
    • Does anyone know that you are struggling?
    • Are you initiating contact with others, and can you focus on their lives?
    • Are you reaching out to good counselors who know the Bible?
    • Are you willing to take small recommendations to see gradual improvement?