Creating Careful Accountability

As followers of Jesus, we are called to help one another follow Him ever more so closely. But how exactly are we supposed to do that? It starts by being intentional with one another regarding our personal commitments to Jesus. It’s time to go the second mile in creating careful accountability.

How to Confront Compassionately

Jesus calls us not to be harshly judgmental but to be intentionally confrontational. We must be concerned enough about the Body of Christ to address sin when it is present among us.

The Just Way to Be Judgmental

One of Jesus’ most misinterpreted phrases was his teaching on judging one another. Jesus didn’t expect us to refrain from accountability but abstain from hypocrisy.

Strive for Personal Holiness

When times are difficult, it makes it easier for us to justify sin. As the pressures of 2020 rise, do you find it easy to excuse yourself for wayward behavior? Now is not the time to give in to sin, but to push towards obedience.

Commit to Intentional Checkups

For anyone who has committed to a local church but never felt connected, I want to help you. The reason some never experience deep relationships is because interaction is never pursued outside the weekly gathering. You can’t connect through 1 hour a week. It’s time to go the 2nd mile in committing to intentional checkups.

How to Have an Accountability Partner

It is important to highlight the need for a personal relationship with Jesus. But somewhere along the way, we have made our faith so private that we neglect the benefit of walking alongside others. Have you ever wanted to continue your growth but find yourself falling time and time again? It’s time to go the …


Accountability Questions

As of late, I have talked with a lot of people who have a whole lot of intention to follow Jesus, but they simply keep getting tripped up along the way. I hate to see someone who truly wants to change, but they can’t seem to get over making the same mistakes over and over …


Fleeing Youthful Lusts Isn’t Enough

Fleeing youthful lusts isn’t enough. I use to think it was. In college, I wanted to live a pure life, so I found some verses to memorize.  One verse I always heard people reference was 2 Tim. 2:22: “Now flee from youthful lusts…” And so I tried to do that.  Lust can mean a host …


Take Your Kids With You

I’m not the best father.  I’ve got plenty of issues I am working out.  God is still shaping me to father like he fathers.

But I have been learning a pretty solid secret of fathering as of late.

Ready for it?

When you go somewhere, take your kids with you.