Small Group Values

Following up from yesterday’s post, I want to share the 4 values on which my small group focuses.  There are many great lists out there, but this is my attempt at trying to maintain focus within the group I lead.

Small group values:


Make sure each member knows that the authority in the study is the Bible.  The teacher, the pastor, the books, and the group are all helpful, but the group is not a counseling group or a self-help group.  Only the true authority with the ability to change our lives is the Word of God.


To ensure your group accomplishes more than solely information transfer, your group members must speak with authenticity.  Speaking honestly will not only provide healing for the individual but also encouragement for others in the group.


We all want more than motivation to change, we want to actually change and that is why we need each other.  In your group, encourage members to ask for help in keeping their commitments and checking in on each other.


While you hope that much life transformation will happen within the meeting time of your group, realize that a lot of life happens outside of when your group is all together.  By providing availability to other group members throughout the week, you become more than a study group, you live as the Body of Christ.