Interpreting the Writings

The Writings section of the Old Testament is also referred to as the Wisdom Literature.  These books don’t fit naturally into the Law, History, or Prophets categories.  While these books are different, they each artistically teach the wisdom in keeping God’s Law.


Interpreting the Law

In our study of Hermeneutics, we come to one of the most difficult sections of Scripture to interpret – the Law.

Oftentimes, New Testament believers go too far in relation to the Law – either by expressing strict obedience to all types or by ignoring the commandments altogether as not applying to us.  We must find a healthy balance when it comes to interpreting this wonderful section of Scripture.


Interpreting the Narratives

In the study of hermeneutics, one of the most critical steps is learning how to interpret narratives.  Narratives are the story form of literature.  60% of the Bible is composed of historical narratives.  How should we interpret an event that happened one time to one person or to one people?


The Importance of Context

When it comes to reading Scripture, context is key.  

Too much of our current biblical study focuses on isolated verses and neglects the context of which the verses were originally written.


The Interpretation of Translation

In the 2nd week of our Hermeneutics course, we learned about “The Interpretation of Translation.”  The Bible in our possession has divisions of testaments, books, chapters and verses.  66 books are included and many religious books were left out.  In addition, the Bible was composed in 3 different languages, and a reading in English means that someone has already began the process of hermeneutics without us really thinking about it.


The Task of Hermeneutics

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.  -2 Tim. 2:15


The Most Misinterpreted Verse in the Bible

Today was a great day to be a part of North Side. The praise band led us in this amazing time of “unplugged” worship (have I told you people lately I am working myself out of a job?!) – thank you Eric, John, Peggy, and Leah.  Breathtaking and genuine: Made to Worship – Chris Tomlin Make Me Holy – North

NSU – Night #2

Thanks again for another great night at NSU in our Hermeneutics class. Your insights in our breakout time digging into Romans 12 were fantastic! You guys are really understanding on how to 1) grasp the text in their town, 2) measure the width to cross, 3) cross the connecting bridge, and 4) grasp the text in our town. I think

NSU – Night #1

We had a great first night at NSU. A lot of people showed up for all of the six classes. I had a blast in our Hermeneutics class. Your attendance showed that all of you really want to understand the Bible better. That’s fantastic! You guys listened so great through the beginning foundational stuff and it was just a good