NSU – Night #2

Thanks again for another great night at NSU in our Hermeneutics class. Your insights in our breakout time digging into Romans 12 were fantastic! You guys are really understanding on how to 1) grasp the text in their town, 2) measure the width to cross, 3) cross the connecting bridge, and 4) grasp the text in our town. I think it will begin to really cement in your mind as we continue to go along over the next four weeks.

If you are doing any reading in the Epistles, and you want to get the historical and literary context of what you are reading, go to bible.org for some helps. Once again, you can’t beat a good study Bible, so ask for one for your birthday or save up your money to get you one.

Here’s what’s on tap for next week:


Also, we had a great talk about how reliable the Scripture actually is. Watch this video of Lee Strobel addressing this issue so eloquently: