NSU – Night #1

We had a great first night at NSU. A lot of people showed up for all of the six classes. I had a blast in our Hermeneutics class. Your attendance showed that all of you really want to understand the Bible better. That’s fantastic! You guys listened so great through the beginning foundational stuff and it was just a good atmosphere. I am praying that God takes us on a journey to understand the Bible better so that we can apply it better in order to love God better (John 14:21).

Remember: the text cannot mean what it never meant.

And as you read the Bible this week, I encourage you to do the four steps of the Interpretive Journey:

  1. Grasp the Text in Their Town: What did the text mean to the biblical audience?
  2. Measure the Width of the River to Cross: What are the differences between us and the biblical audience?
  3. Cross the Connecting Bridge: What is the theological principle in the text?
  4. Grasp the Text in Our Town: How can we as individual Christians apply the text today?


Next week, we will be looking at the Epistles (the New Testament letters) and studying to see how we can better interpret these books of the Bible.


Impact Teams begin tonight. If you still want to be on an impact team, come to the commons area at 6 tonight and be prepared to work. We are going to impact Greenwood tonight! I hope you are excited. Greater things have yet to come…