Premarital Caution

If you are considering marriage, I want to caution you in the right type of way. You can have a healthy marriage, but you both have to hold to one central focus to succeed.

Eliminating Newlywed Debt

Nothing can bring strain to a newly married couple like debt. Do what you can to reduce debt together and enjoy the freedom you were meant to experience.

The Necessary Switch in Your Marriage

Marriage cannot work if someone has a higher priority than the spouse. There must be a thorough yet healthy leaving of one’s initial family and a complete and eager cleaving of one’s unique spouse.

How to Know If God Wants You Two Married

If you’ve been in a dating relationship for some time, you might consider if this path is leading toward marriage. While relational compatibility and others’ approval are helpful, you must determine if God thinks your relationship is worthwhile.

Before You Get Married

Why do some couples make it and others don’t? Undeniably, some marriages end because they never experienced a healthy beginning.