The last book of the Bible prepares the Church for our final and eternal reality. The end is nearing, the victory is coming, and our Savior is returning.

What Will Keep Our Church Off Mission

We desire to be more than a mission-minded church; we want to be a mission-guided church. If we are not careful, we will miss opportunities for missional endeavors because of dangerous distractions. 

The End

In the last few pages of the Bible, God delivers a dazzling picture of what is to come. Despite the coming or current conflict, we can look at what God has promised and trust that his plan will come to pass. The conclusion will be a good one.

How Should We Interpret Apocalyptic Literature?

While the entire Bible has interpretive challenges, none is so difficult to navigate as the Book of Revelation. Despite the debated details, the main point of the book is full of glorious and guaranteed promises.

The Empty Chair

To all those gathering around a table with an empty chair today, whether it is vacant due to a death or a decision, it is acceptable to admit: things are not the way they should be, but it reminds us that another feast is coming and disappointments cannot linger there.

The Power of Humility

When it comes to governmental leadership, we often believe that most is accomplished through some type of conquering force. Jesus was a different type of King and setup a different kind of Kingdom.

Interpreting Revelation

The final book of the Bible is full of glorious promises and yet significant challenges.  While the entire Bible has interpretive challenges, none is so difficult as the Book of Revelation.  In our last session of hermeneutics, let us focus on how to be unashamed in our accurate study of this final book.